Designed for less demanding applications, the V7 sweeper corresponds to the economical V-Concept range.

  • The V7 sweeper has a unique V-Concept® patented system that improves sweeping efficiency.

  • The orientation of the brushes in the shape of a "V" allows to gather the sweepings in the center of the sweeper and to remove the swaths which forced to cross the passages.

  • 7 rows of solid polypropylene bristles 240 mm high including: 3 straight rows at the back, 2 rows forming a “V” at the front to accumulate waste in the center, and 2 small rows at the tip of the “ V ”to create a more homogeneous waste distribution and avoid the accumulation of sweepings.

  • Very easily interchangeable brushes.

Save time with the Actisweep sweeper!

The V7 sweeper adapted to all your needs:

Available sizes

Dimensions balai Actisweep V7-concept 1500

Actisweep V-Concept 7-1500

L1533mm x l500mm x H240mm
(Ref : CE86A008-A)

brosse 2

Actisweep V-Concept 7-1800

L1840mm x l500mm x H240mm
(Ref : CE86A008-B)

brosse 1

Actisweep V-Concept 7-2400

L2440mm x l500mm x H240mm
(Ref : CE86A008-C)

The V7 sweeper option


Anti-scattering kit

  • Sweep easily along sidewalks, curbs, walls
  • Adds a second collection zone when the V is saturated
  • Extends the sweeper by 15 cm on each side

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