The Manufacturing


Our workshops

Taking into account user feedback and R&D are at the heart of the Actisweep strategy, which allows continuous improvement of the sweeper. The mastery of manufacturing results in an extensive range and a wide range of accessories to equip each customer with the sweeper that perfectly meets his needs. Actisweep distinguishes itself from other manufacturers of sweepers by its technical, practical and economic advantages.

Responsible company

Committed to an approach of excellence and continuous improvement, Actisweep incorporates and relies on the principles of Lean Manufacturing. Innovation, investment, training, sustainable development, customer service ... each choice is made according to an increasing quality, safety and environmental requirement.

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The choice of reliability

The company undertakes to deliver equipment strictly in accordance with CE standards, to comply with the regulations of the Labor Code and to follow the CARSAT/INRS recommendations. To do this, it relies on a wide-ranging regulatory monitoring, safe processes and the high involvement of employees in the continuous improvement process of QSE performance.


The design office mobilizes its skills to design and patent ever simpler, efficient and robust solutions. Every detail is designed to improve total user experience.