Actisweep Towed sweeper vs Rotary sweeper

Discover a unique and revolutionary concept for fast and efficient cleaning


5 good reasons to choose Actisweep

  • Proven efficiency thanks to the V-Concept patent
  • Lifespan multiplied by 4, up to 1000 km of sweep
  • Zero maintenance : no moving parts.
  • Mounting in seconds on all types of machines
  • Return on investment in one year

The advantages of the Actisweep sweeper compared to a rotary sweeper

Brushes lifespan

Mounting on pallet forks


Return on investment


About 1,000 km, the number of bristles is much higher and the density is substantially superior. (Diameter 3-4mm).

5 to 10 seconds (without hydraulic connection).

V-Concept patented technology allows to push large quantities of heavy waste or even to remove it on the side thanks to the angulation kit.

One year, thanks to the low wear of the brushes and the impossibility of failure.

Rotary sweepers

Between 150-250 km (depending on the brand). The bristles being very fine (2 mm) and sparse, the wear is faster.

3 to 6 minutes (excluding hydraulic circuit problem).

In dry conditions, it releases a lot of dust. In humid or wet conditions, the rotary sweeper fouls the machine by the rotation of the brushes.

Difficult to estimate because of the rapid wear of the brushes and the constant probability of failure. We estimate the cost of a rotary sweeper more expensive after 1 year.

Why trust Actisweep?

  • V-Concept Patented Technology providing 30% more efficiency compared to a straight sweeper.

  • A unique bristle due to its wear resistance which has been the subject of several years of study and which has been constantly improved to bring you even more efficiency.
  • A sturdy structure in very thick epoxy painted steel which prevents rust stains.
  • Adaptations studied for rapid mounting on your machines, coated with hot-dip galvanization for better protection.
  • Taking into account user feedback and R&D are at the heart of the Actisweep strategy, which allows continuous improvement of the sweeper. The mastery of manufacturing results in an extensive range and a wide range of accessories to equip each customer with the sweeper that perfectly meets his needs. Actisweep distinguishes itself from other manufacturers of sweepers by its technical, practical and economic advantages.