Continuous improvement



ISO 9001 Certified - Quality Management

• Objective: obtain your satisfaction and provides you flowless level of service.

• Commitment: Actisweep implements all the means necessary to meet your requirements (responsiveness, flexibility, availability, regulatory compliance, performance).



OHSAS 18001 Certified - Safety Management
Objective : maintain safety and health at work.
Commitment : Actisweep is fully committed to zero accidents, the prevention of occupational diseases and the reduction of risks at the workplace. Seven occupational first aid and a preventer are responsible for ensuring, with the active support of management, the implementation and monitoring of this policy



ISO 14001 Certified - Environmental Management
Objective : prevent environmental pollution, improve waste management and reduce the natural resources consumption.
Commitment : Actisweep deploys the appropriate means for sustainable development, respectful of the environment (selective sorting, waste reduction and recovery, elimination of waste, internal and external awareness, innovation, transport optimization, etc.).