A unique concept, suitable for all business fields

The Actisweep towed sweeper meets the most demanding cleaning needs in all sectors of professional activity. It can be used as a towed sweeper but also frontally to push the waste. Indeed, the rear three-point adapter allows it to be used as a towed sweeper, while the fork, bucket or bale clamp adapters allow the Actisweep sweeper to be used frontally.

Discover our exemplary implementations in each application area of the Actisweep sweeper: Agriculture and livestock farming, construction, recycling, construction materials, industrial workshops, sawmill, transport and logistics, snow ...

The Actisweep sweeper brush helps improve the efficiency of sweeping. The quality of the bristles extends the lifespan of the sweeper. Another asset of the brush, its practicality because its change takes place in a few minutes.

The sweeper is available in a "finishing brush" version for purposes related to the finest dust (sawdust, for example) and is interchangeable for specific applications.

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