ACTISWEEP : Balai industriel pour chariot elevateur

The ACTISWEEP Mega Broom

Discover a unique and revolutionary concept for fast & efficient cleaning

Balai pousseur V7

4 good reasons to choose

  • V-Concept patent for better sweeping performance, 4 times more efficient than a rotary sweeper
  • Up to 1,000 km of sweep, 4 times the lifespan of a rotary sweeper
  • Without hydraulic or electric circuit, therefore no maintenance
  • Mounts on any type of machines in seconds

The advantages of the Actisweep broom compared to a rotary sweeper


Rotary sweeper

Lifespan of the brushes

About 1,000 km, in fact the number of fibers is much higher and the density is substantially superior (diameter 3-4mm).

Between 150-250 km (depending on the brand), because the fiber is very fine (2 mm) and sparse, wear is faster.

Mounting on pallet forks

5 to 10 seconds (without hydraulic connection therefore no failure)

3 to 6 minutes (excluding hydraulic circuit problem).


More efficient than a rotary sweeper, thanks to V-Concept patented technology, it is possible to push large quantities of heavy waste or even to remove it on the side thanks to the angular system.

In dry conditions it releases a lot of dust, and in humid or wet conditions by the rotation of the brushes, the rotary sweeper fouls the machine.

Return on investment

Return on investment in 1 year, thanks to low wear of the brushes and impossibility of failure.

Return on investment difficult to estimate because the first factor is the rapid wear of the brushes and the second factor is the constant probability of failure, which is why we estimate the cost of a rotary sweeper more expensive after 1 year.

Why trust Actisweep?

Actisweep, is :

  • V-Concept Patented Technology providing 30% more efficiency compared to a straight push broom
  • A unique fiber due to its wear resistance which has been the subject of several years of study and which has been constantly improved to bring you even more efficiency
  • A sturdy structure in very thick epoxy painted steel which prevents rust stains.
  • Adaptations studied for rapid mounting on your machines, coated with hot-dip galvanization for better protection.

ACTISWEEP on video

ACTISWEEP in pictures

The Actisweep towed sweeper meets the most demanding cleaning needs.
Actisweep can be used as a towed sweeper but also frontally to push the waste.

Agricultural application

Materials trading

Public works

Recycling application


A wide range of accessories and options


Proven material

They trust us

Customer testimonials

``More than 6000 sites in France are equipped with the ACTISWEEP broom``


I bought an ACTISWEEP sweeper and I acknowledge its quality, endurance and flexibility. I also proposed it to a large part of the GDE sites (recycling)

Sorting center manager, GDE (recycling) 69960 Corbas

I bought an ACTISWEEP sweeper and I acknowledge its quality, endurance and flexibilit. I also proposed it to a large part of the GDE sites (recycling)

Silo manager, Cerena (Agricultural cooperative) 02390 Thenelles

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