6000 sites use the ACTISWEEP mega push broom

The Actisweep towed sweeper meets the most demanding cleaning needs, whether in the agricultural sector, in the materials trading, in public works, recycling or any business field where there is need to push the products / waste that is littering the ground.

Actisweep can be used as a towed sweeper but also frontally to push the waste. The broom attaches very quickly to a fork, bucket, crocodile bucket, bale clamp or euro attachment.

Why choose ACTISWEEP?

  • Sweeps all types of materials, sludge and waste on all types of grounds
  • V-Concept patent for better sweeping performance, 4 times more efficient than a rotary sweeper
  • Brush made of thick high-tech fibers, with shape memory: lifespan of more than 1,000 km of sweep
  • Without hydraulic or electric circuit, therefore no maintenance
  • Mounts on any type of machine in seconds

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ACTISWEEP : Balai industriel pour chariot elevateur