Thanks to the Actisweep sweeper, you can sweep warehouses, yards and production workshops.

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Actisweep industrial sweeper

The Actisweep industrial sweeper is suitably tailored to meet the cleaning requirements for all types of workshops.

The Actisweep sweeper easily adapts to the front of construction and handling machinery, thanks to the forks, loader or bucket.

The Actisweep industrial sweeper allows you to sweep your yards, parking lots, warehouses, loading docks, production workshops, etc. You can also clean roadsides or pathways by adding the "angulation kit" feature, which allows to push the waste on the roadsides.

Through the innovation Actisweep, the anti-scattering kit, you can sweep along walls and sidewalks without damaging the frame of the sweeper.

Save time with the Actisweep sweeper!